About Us


Welcome! Thank you for visiting. We are a group of artisans from JAIPUR, the pink city in India. All of our garments and home furnishings are totally handmade with passion and love. The fabrics are sourced from markets or direct from the textile printers. They are chosen for their quality and depth of color. You'll see the most glorious colors in our store.


Our little company has in fact been manufacturing saris for the last 175 years but in the last 8 years, we expanded into high fashion garments and home textiles. We have been exporting all over the world. All of the designs are our own and I have two great helpers that help me stitch.

The quilts that you see are made up of vintage saris and painstakingly stitched by some women who live in rural areas. This work provides the livelihood for several families. The stitches used are small and delicate Kantha stitches which hold together several layers of fabric. Every quilt is entirely unique and no two will ever be the same. We are very proud to offer these here on Etsy. These really are little gems.

We hope that you find something you like. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you.

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